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The Future of Roblox: Supersocial Team Brings Platform Innovations to Life with RDC Game Jam

Yonatan Raz-Fridman
Yonatan Raz-Fridman
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The Supersocial team gathered in San Francisco to meet community creators, brand partners and platform’s leaders, and celebrate new experiences at the Roblox Developers Conference.


RDC is the annual premiere event for the Roblox ecosystem, in which studios and developers from all over the world come together to hear the latest announcements from Roblox leaders, engage directly with fellow builders and creators, socialize with leading brands and explore the latest platform technologies. The Roblox Developers Conference also marked the largest physical gathering of the Supersocial team to date, with dozens of team members flying in from as far as Australia to attend the event.

Two Supersocial experiences were showcased by Roblox during the event’s opening keynote: WorldLab, a Roblox Game Fund-supported project in which users create their own stylized worlds and experiences, and NARS Color Quest, a fantastical exploration game where users design their own custom makeup looks in collaboration with NARS Cosmetics.

Roblox CEO Dave Baszucki, also known as “builderman”, praised NARS Color Quest for its vision of beauty, fashion, and creation on the platform. WorldLab was also  featured as part of a keynote hosted by Roblox VP Creator Engineering Nick Tornow and VP Creator Product Tian Lim highlighting upcoming experiences and product announcements.

Among the announcements at RDC are Roblox Connect, a new way to share live video calls on the platform and connect in a virtual space, as well as an AI assistant and new tools to support user-generated content on a mass scale. Roblox also announced the platform is coming to PlayStation on October 10 and previously released in open beta on Meta’s Quest VR headsets in July of this year. As part of the platform’s commitment to expanding into VR, those who attended the RDC conference in-person were given Meta Quest Pro VR headsets courtesy of Meta.

“Working in a virtual studio environment allows us to employ the best talent from all over the world,” said Yonatan (“Yon”) Raz-Fridman, founder and CEO of Supersocial. “For our team to be able to meet face-to-face in the same place, to physically feel each other’s energy and the energy of the wider platform was a truly unforgettable experience, one I’m confident will lead to exceptional results and experiences in the very near future.”

The Supersocial team attending the event gathered during RDC for an in-person game jam in which native Robloxians and company leadership actively collaborated in-person to rapidly build a new product inspired by Roblox’s exciting announcements for the future. Supersocial is known for utilizing the Roblox platform in innovative ways beyond just games. As the Roblox platform continues to expand on a global scale, accessible experiences built intuitively and shipped rapidly will be an essential part of the platform’s vision and growth for years to come.

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About Supersocial

Supersocial’s mission is to empower digital communities to play, explore, socialize and meaningfully express themselves in the next era of the Internet.

Our studio develops and publishes games, experiences and virtual goods on metaverse platforms. The company builds and operates cutting-edge virtual worlds on Roblox with insanely engaging gameplay, stunning graphics, and a superior user experience. Among Supersocial’s clients are industry leading brands and companies such as Gucci, Walmart, NARS Cosmetics, and Toikido.

In the past six months, the Supersocial team has grown rapidly with top industry talent joining the organization from companies such as Nintendo, EA, Ubisoft, Epic Games and others. Supersocial’s remote-native workplace enables talent from all over the world to seamlessly collaborate and create, combining hundreds of years of expertise in Roblox and the broader games industry to create authentic experiences designed to surprise and delight.

Supersocial was founded in 2020 by serial entrepreneurs Yonatan (“Yon”) Raz-Fridman and Pedro Romi alongside creative and marketing leaders Tatiana Wlasek and Luiza Justus.

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Yonatan Raz-Fridman

Founder & CEO, Supersocial