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Supersocial Teams Up with Fairview Portals to Bring ‘Elf North Pole Workshop’ to Roblox

Yonatan Raz-Fridman
Yonatan Raz-Fridman
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In partnership with Warner Bros.' New Line Cinema, the experience celebrates the iconic holiday film ‘Elf’ and demonstrates how big entertainment can interact with the next generation of digital communities.

Supersocial and Fairview Portals have teamed up to bring the world of Elf to Roblox in celebration of the beloved holiday movie’s 20th anniversary. Elf North Pole Workshop opens the doors to an enchanting holiday experience where audiences of all ages are invited to visit the North Pole and embrace their inner elf. The immersive experience overflows with wit, charm, and a uniquely magical style that is sure to surprise and delight.

Trailblazing New Visual Technology

The whimsical world of Elf North Pole Workshop features stunning stop-motion style visuals and effects the likes of which are unprecedented on the Roblox platform. Working in close collaboration with the team at Fairview Portals, Supersocial pioneered a classic, microcosmic feeling for the first time ever on the Roblox platform utilizing special artistic effects including tilt shift camera, desaturated environments, material-inspired textures, and frame rate limiters to bring a stop motion world to life seamlessly in real-time without sacrificing user experience.

Elf North Pole Workshop further bridges the gap between modern aesthetic and microcosmic nostalgia with innovative physics-based play to create a timelessly tangible experience that will enchant audiences of all ages. From beloved stop-motion clay characters, to knit trees, wooden workshops, and the mouthwatering Candy Cane Forest beyond, every visual element appears as if it’s been plucked right out of a classic animated holiday film. To further lend to the authenticity, the experience’s enchanting musical score was created by Elf composer John Debney.

“The setting and characters of the North Pole in Elf are iconic. It’s so rare to have something that multiple generations can recognize as relevant through completely different life experiences and perspectives,” said Luiza Justus, Head of Creative at Supersocial. “It represents generations of holiday joy, and our team was thrilled at the opportunity to breathe new life into a timeless medium and bring Elf’s magic to the metaverse to be experienced and shared on a global community level for the first time ever.”

Driving Community Engagement & Loyalty

Elf North Pole Workshop experience not only celebrates the movie by featuring beloved characters and Easter eggs, but brings a true sense of holiday magic to the platform through gamified acts of kindness. Metaverse experiences create a whole new way for fans to interact with a world they know and love, bringing an iconic piece of pop culture to life in a way previously impossible – and forging a stronger connection between brands and their audience.

Supersocial is redefining the future of immersive virtual experiences for brands and marketers, setting a precedent for how to interact with the next generation of virtual communities. Fans no longer just want to buy products, they expect complete brand integration and immersion into what they know and love. Much like the beloved holiday movie, Elf North Pole Workshop is built on the pillars of fostering and spreading Christmas spirit together as a community. Upon entering the experience, users will be able to don their elf hat and help Santa save the holiday by choosing from three primary workshop roles: Wish Taker, Toy Maker, and Gift Wrapper. Each elf role is integral to Santa’s Workshop, and encourages users to work together to raise spirit, displayed on the ever-present ‘Clausometer’ from the movie. The more spirit is raised, the higher the Clausometer goes, until it reaches a climatic burst of cheer showering users with rewards.

This initiative indicates the next phase of big entertainment entering the virtual world space, where Supersocial is a pioneer. Supported by Warner Bros., Elf North Pole Workshop sets the bar for what fans can expect in the future from their favorite fantasy universes. Warner Bros. furthers their mission of working in partnership with some of the world’s leading creators to spearhead modern and innovative entertainment, while fostering initiatives that promote giving and kindness.

The Gift of Giving

Elf North Pole Workshop is a celebration of the timeless core values of the holidays, and none ring truer than the gift of giving. By exchanging presents with other users in the experience, even rarer rewards can surface, including exclusive virtual goods and avatar cosmetics which can only be unlocked by giving and exchanging gifts.

“One of the key objectives we shared with our partners at Fairview Portals was to craft a holiday experience that brings families together and encouraging kindness and generosity,” said Yonatan Raz-Fridman, CEO of Supersocial. “This shows the potential for metaverse experiences in delivering true value and making a positive impact on the lives of its users.” 

After cementing Supersocial's position as the premiere partner to the world's greatest brands in beauty, luxury and retail, the partnership with Fairview Portals and Warner Bros. marks Supersocial's entry into the entertainment industry, focusing on creating boundary-pushing virtual worlds that represent the world's most iconic stories and IP with the highest standards while feeling authentic and meaningful to digital natives. 

Play Elf North Pole Workshop Now on Roblox

Experience the magic of the holidays through the eyes of Elf. Play Elf North Pole Workshop on Roblox!

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