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Supersocial and Universal Music Group Team Up to Bring Breakout Metaverse Music Hub ‘Beat Galaxy’ to Roblox

Yonatan Raz-Fridman
Yonatan Raz-Fridman
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“Beat Galaxy” expands the presence of licensed music on Roblox and pioneers global metaverse-native music discovery.

Supersocial and Universal Music Group have teamed up to bring the ultimate official licensed music hub Beat Galaxy to the Roblox platform. Beat Galaxy is a next-generation social experience centered around music discovery, featuring a full interactive social space where fans and newcomers can meet, discover, and share their favorite artists and music. From towering amplifier towers to a 24/7 virtual club and themed UMG artist takeovers, every ounce of the immersive metaverse world exudes discovery. 

Beat Galaxy immediately establishes itself as the go-to music getaway on Roblox, making an instant impact as one of the only music experiences to feature officially licensed songs and labels. Players can further socialize and immerse themselves in the music with fully integrated “track runner” style rhythm gameplay capable of supporting multiple players at once in real-time.

“The metaverse is constantly evolving with new ways to play, socialize, and discover. With Beat Galaxy, we’re creating a next-generation music discovery experience on Roblox that not only provides an opportunity for a fun social gameplay, but also creates true utility for music discovery beyond the algorithm in a community-driven way that’s never been done before,” said Yonatan Raz-Fridman, founder and CEO of Supersocial.

Integrated Music Discovery

Players are empowered to do more than play the rhythm—in Beat Galaxy, players literally ride the rhythm down stunning high-fidelity tracks inspired by the music around them. Track themes come in a variety of popular aesthetics, from flaming rock-inspired firescapes to classic 90s vaporwave highways. The experience further innovates on social expression by empowering players to choose whichever aesthetic they want, no matter what genre the song is.

Beat Galaxy’s integrated track runner features fun, competitive play that gamifies the music as users listen. Players race down the track together as the song plays, hitting notes in time with the tune while simultaneously avoiding obstacles. As players complete tracks, they’ll receive a score on the leaderboard, gain ranks of Fame, and earn access to exclusive rewards including new tracks, titles, and cosmetics.

Each playable song in Beat Galaxy is created using cutting-edge beat mapping technology, ensuring the transition from music to movement is completely seamless. This experience-centric mentality extends to the experience’s controls, supporting gameplay on multiple devices including iOS, Android, PC, Meta Quest VR, and more.

The Ultimate Metaverse Music Hub

Beat Galaxy marks the official entry of media giant Universal Music Group into the Roblox metaverse. UMG is a global icon in the music industry, representing some of the biggest musical artists and labels in the world including Big Machine Music (Taylor Swift), Interscope Records (Billie Eilish), and UMPG (Justin Bieber), as well as up-and-coming artists. As part of the experience’s unprecedented approach to music in the metaverse, Beat Galaxy empowers artists to connect with fans like never before in new, virtual-native ways, creating a truly organic approach to immersive discovery. 

The Beat Galaxy Roblox experience is poised to become the virtual epicenter for all UMG labels and artist integrations, launching with Interscope Records and punk rock hip-hop artist YUNGBLUD. Each new label integrated into the persistent experience will feature an in-experience takeover including exclusive content catered directly to their signed artists, such as custom track runners, dedicated world spaces, and limited UGC.

Beat Galaxy launches with the largest catalog of officially licensed songs of any experience on the Roblox platform. Tracks span a wide range of popular music genres from EDM and Pop to Rock and Urban, and include hit songs such as Heat Waves by Glass Animals and Remember by David Guetta & Becky Hill.

“Our starting catalog of songs is only the beginning. Dozens more songs, artists, and labels will be released in the weeks and months ahead in partnership with Universal Music Group,” said Tatiana Wlasek, Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer at Supersocial. “We couldn’t be more excited for the possibilities.”

In addition to acting as a rhythm game and music discovery hub for new music and artists, Beat Galaxy will also serve as a future venue for live concerts and themed pop-up shops centered around live performances in-experience. Future expansion includes the ability for players to travel to other virtual UMG worlds and experiences on Roblox via in-experience portals, creating the ultimate interconnected UMG galaxy: the inspiration for the experience’s title.

Play Beat Galaxy Now on Roblox

Enter the ultimate metaverse music hub. Play Beat Galaxy on Roblox and discover new artists and music as you’ve never heard them before!


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